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company news about What do you need to pay attention to in entry-level bird watching goggles?

China Lijing International Optical Equipment Factory certification
China Lijing International Optical Equipment Factory certification
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Company News
What do you need to pay attention to in entry-level bird watching goggles?
Latest company news about What do you need to pay attention to in entry-level bird watching goggles?

How to choose a binoculars that suits you, we have given specific introductions in previous issues. Today, let's talk about how to choose a single-scope telescope suitable for bird watching.


Telescope aperture: The aperture of a general bird watching monocular is between 50~95mm, and the aperture is closely related to the volume, weight, and multiple of the telescope. If the aperture is too small, the effective multiple of the telescope will be too low, and it will not be able to perform fine observation. If the aperture is too large, it means a larger volume and weight. The good-quality 82mm monoculars can give you a good bird watching experience under non-extreme conditions.


Eyepiece multiplier: The commonly used multiplier of monocular bird watching telescope is between 20 and 70 times. Generally speaking, a 20~45x zoom telescope can provide you with a better view of wild birds. If the target bird species is far away, then higher magnification eyepieces may be required, but at the same time, a good tripod and pan/tilt are needed to bring stability.


Coating: Coating is to increase the transmittance of the lens and reduce the reflectivity. Generally speaking, the light transmission effect of multi-layer coating is better than that of single-layer coating. High-quality coating can increase the brightness of the image, improve the color reproduction of the image, and reduce the flare and glare.


Mirror body material: The top models will use aluminum-magnesium alloy to manufacture the mirror body, which is reliable and light, and of course expensive. Common fuselages are mostly made of aluminum alloy, which is very cost-effective. The disadvantage is that they are heavier than aluminum-magnesium alloy. The body of some low-quality monoculars is made of plastic, which is cheap, but has a low service life.


Eyepiece shape: oblique tube VS straight tube: using an oblique tube to watch birds, the human neck feels the most comfortable, and many current monoculars have rotating knobs, which can be used by people of different heights without adjusting the tripod. For bird watching, you must extend the tripod to a higher position to observe. This will not only reduce the stability of the tripod, but also readjust the height of the telescope when people of different heights need to observe.


Tripod and gimbal: Tripod and gimbal are issues that many bird watching enthusiasts tend to ignore. For bird watching, a light and reliable tripod is very important. Regarding the PTZ, it is best to use a hydraulic PTZ that is dual-purpose for photography and video for bird watching telescopes.


Having said all that, let’s get some dry goods, and recommend a cost-effective single-scope telescope specifically tailored for wildlife and bird observers. Whether the product's optical effect or structural durability is strongly guaranteed, this bird watching mirror can meet your needs for bird watching, wildlife observation, natural scenery, and various sports!

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