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China Lijing International Optical Equipment Factory certification
China Lijing International Optical Equipment Factory certification
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Company News
Thermal Imaging
Latest company news about Thermal Imaging

    Many friends consulted me about the difference between night vision and thermal imager. Today I will explain in detail the working principle and scope of use of the two, as follows:

    As far as the development of night vision goggles is concerned, at least three revolutions have gone through from low light level to infrared to current thermal imaging. But is infrared thermal imaging useful? Thermal imaging presents a temperature distribution map by sensing the surface temperature of an object, which is different from our usual visible light camera. And it is said that it can be fully night vision, that is, even if it is completely dark, it can be viewed without light, and it can penetrate smog and dense smoke. But as far as we know, the price of thermal imaging products is not low, how can it be integrated into people's lives? First, it was first used in the military, and later in industries that require temperature measurement such as the power industry. In some competitions, infrared can ensure safety. If someone gets lost, it can help find the person's hot spot humidity. The low-light night vision device cannot be used during the day, and there are certain conditions to use it at night, that is, a certain light source, such as moonlight, must be used, and the effect is not good when used in complete darkness.

    The digital night vision device is basically for day and night. It has good infrared capability in night mode. As long as the illuminator is well designed, it can reach an effective observation distance of more than 200 meters in complete darkness. Infrared night vision thermal imaging is to increase thermal imaging on the basis of night vision. It is very sensitive to the capture of heat sources. Thermal imaging is generally used to capture remote persons and mobile devices, because it is not easy to observe objects from a distance. Using the characteristics of thermal imaging, the heat source can be used to determine whether the target is a living body or a vehicle with a heat source.

    However, simple low-light night vision devices cannot perform thermal imaging, while infrared night vision devices actually rely on thermal imaging to identify targets at night.

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