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company news about How to choose a telescope?

China Lijing International Optical Equipment Factory certification
China Lijing International Optical Equipment Factory certification
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Company News
How to choose a telescope?
Latest company news about How to choose a telescope?

   There are two suggestions for newcomers to buy binoculars, which must be planned in advance:

   • Confirm your own needs and purchase different specifications of binoculars for different needs.

   • Confirm your budget and choose from your budget range.

    First talk about "confirm your needs." If you are watching indoor concerts, operas, dramas, and sports games, you can buy 8X20, 8X25, 10X25 pocket-sized models, which are suitable for portable use and long-term handheld use, because they need to be used for a long time. It can be purchased for outdoor travel and concerts. Specifications such as 8X30 and 8X32 give consideration to both performance and portability. It is recommended to choose 8X40, 8X42 for bird watching, animal watching, and scenery viewing, which basically meets most of the usage scenarios. Choose 7X50, 10X50, 50mm for stargazing to ensure sufficient input. The amount of light.

    Let’s talk about the issue of budget. Telescopes fall into the category of “one cent for the price, two cents for the price...” Expensive binoculars are usually expensive. Two binoculars with the same specifications may have a price difference of one or two. zero.

After confirming the demand and budget range, it is easy to select the telescope.

    Our power Mirror international Optical Equipment factory can supply all kinds of telescopes.

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